Friday, July 31, 2009

Kia VG Concept Car

Look at the first official pictures of new Kia VG (code name). The new Korean premium sedan will make a world debut at 2010 Detroit Auto Show.



Kia Motors has today released the first images of its new premium saloon due to go on sale in Korea at the end of the year.

The new model, currently known by its code name VG, was shown in concept form at the Seoul Motor Show earlier this year and is set to replace the existing Opirus model in Korean, North American and European markets.

“VG clearly demonstrates the next stage in Kia’s design evolution and showcases our new design principle of ’sophistication by simplicity’. The exterior is a seamless blend of powerful front, sleek profile and sophisticated but simple rear lines to create an elegant and luxurious appearance,” commented Hyoung Keun Lee, Senior Executive Vice President and COO of International Business Division at Kia Motors Corporation.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kia Teases 3 Shots Of The New Vg Sedan

Kia VG

These are the initial batch of 3 images of the new Kia large sedan codenamed “VG”, which will replace the Opirus/Amanti. I’ve actually seen the Amanti around KL before, probably driven by some Korean expatriates. It’s somewhat like Kia’s take on the now discontinued Jaguar S-Type, meant to look large and stately. Before you argue that these kind of cars don’t fit well in Kia’s image, they are all over the roads in South Korea. The people there tend to buy Korean cars exclusively from the low end to the higher ends of the model segments.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another Facelift For The Old Naza Citra

Naza Citra Facelift

Thanks to reader awak for alerting me about a new update for the Naza Citra, or should we call it the Naza Citra 1.5 now since there is a Citra 2 Rondo and this particular version is an update to the Citra 1. The old second generation Kia Carens has been given a new breath of life by Naza Kia and is priced lower than the Citra 2 Rondo.

The new design is very curiously Saga-like with a blackened area between the upper and lower center grille on the front end, and the rear design features a new rear bumper with an integrated diffuser-lookalike design.

A quick check on local classifieds sites already reveal many salesmen posting up entries and prices range between RM59,888 to RM65,888, making this one of the cheapest 2.0 liter MPVs around, though what you’ll be getting is a model that first debuted in 2002.

Look after the jump for more images of the new Citra facelift.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Naza Ria parking problems

This is the second time I have posted about Naza Ria parking problems, and no I don’t have anything against that particular model or make. This is actually the third time I’ve seen the same model parked without using a brain.

Now how the hell could another car fit next to it and be able to open the doors normally? The funny thing is that the driver of this car thinks he/she can park in reverse fine.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ask Nazman: Naza Ria

Question From: Wendy via email

I got your email from your blog. I am looking for a decent MPV as a family car. I am interested in Naza Ria but saw a lot of comments from various forums. Before I get myself the car, i would like to know more about this car. From your blog, I knew that you know a lot about Naza/Kia, perhaps, you also know well about this vehicle and able to give me 'non-bias' comments, particularly regarding the engine, fuel optimiser & other maintenance.
1. engine overhaul issue - Is this problem resolved?
2. Fuel consumption - some reported a real bad FC, like >40sen per KM. I believe those may be exceptional case. What is the range of FC for urban drive? And, do you recommend any fuel optimization?
3. Each car have different characteristic. How to keep this car in the tip top condition, besides on schedule service?

Nazman answers:

1.Until curent time from 2007 no complaint about engine overheating, i got this information from Naza SC. Maybe the Naza will improved the engine for Naza Ria.
2.Based on many who drive Ria, it consumes only RM0.25-0.30 per km at current petrol price, where it consumes a bit higher on urban drive. It was ~40 cents/km when petrol was RM2.70.
3.Nothing special. Every two week check the coolant at spare tank, battery water, engine oil and services while schedule.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Motor & Boat Show returns to Endah Parade

Friday, July 24th, 2009 03:18:00

CLASSIC BEAUTY: Catch the Mini parade this Sunday

AFTER an absence of five long years, the renowned Motor & Boat Show promotion has finally made a comeback to Endah Parade Shopping Centre. The promotion, which used to be held annually at the shopping centre from 2001 to 2004, is now bigger and better.

Some of the models on display throughout the promotion, from now till Aug 2, will include Perodua Myvi; Proton Exora MPV; Kia Sportage and the all new Citra; Chery with the Tiggo SUV, Eastar MPV and A520 sedan; the new Hyundai Starex Royale 11 Seater MPV; and various reconditioned cars such as BMW, Toyota Alphard or Toyota Wish.

To entice buyers, Kia offers a special instant rebate for its Citra & Sportage model; Chery offers its Chery Max Holiday programme plus a mystery gift; Hyundai has a warranty covering five years up to 300,000km; and special discounts of RM5,500 per reconditioned car.

Apart from all the four-wheel vehicles, the promotion organisers have also included an array of two wheel beauties to be displayed, with Naza Bikers Dream Sdn Bhd showcasing its new Ducati Monster 696, Honda CBR 600 & 1000RR; Mforce Bike Holdings Sdn Bhd with its SYM GTS 200cc Scooters; and Motorcycle Sales Centre Corporation Sdn Bhd with various Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki Superbikes ranging from 600cc to 1300cc.

As the promotion's title suggests, boats are also included in the agenda with Explorer Marine Centre Sdn Bhd showcasing a Marine Cruiser Speed Boat as a special feature. Events will be held during the weekends of the promotional period, including a parade of Mini cars to kick-start a competition to adjudge the best classic Mini, best decorated Mini and best modifi ed Mini, which is taking place this Sunday, from 2pm to 3pm.

Another highly anticipated event would be the mini RC racing competition, organised by Jump Square Arena, that will be held on Sunday, Aug 2 from 11am to 5pm.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Fuel Saver jimat minyak Naza Ria Matrix Citra allCar33%

The cost of this device is a small price to pay for the money you'll save, the performance boost you'll enjoy and the good you'll be doing for the environment! Keeps fuel injector nozzles clean by removing carbon and varnish buildup. Your engine will have more power, run smoother, last longer and require less maintenance. The molecules on the inside of your tank clusters can't be exposed to the oxygen necessary for combustion. The result is incomplete fuel burn with the unburned molecules emitted as pollution or remaining inside the engine as damaging carbon/varnish deposits. The Mega Fuel Saver fits easily over the inbound fuel line (straps included, no special tools required). It delivers an abrupt designed magnetic field to break up these fuel clusters, exposing all molecules to the oxygen, ensuring the best fuel burn possible!

Works on all carbureted and fuel-injected vehicles.
works on all petrol , diesel , NGV , CNG , LPG gas vehicles & factory machinery .

work1lelong.jpg picture by best4u99-lelong-com-my fs29mega.jpg picture by best4u99-lelong-com-my

megafs.jpg picture by best4u99-lelong-com-my

fsex2Large.jpg picture by best4u99-lelong-com-my fsLarge.jpg picture by best4u99-lelong-com-my


Dear All,

We had the opportunity to view and install NGV on a NAZA RIA based on factory-fitted Standard Installation Procedure, courtesy of NAZA Manufacturing, CNA Manufacturing and PDI-assembler Tactical Force. It is a cooperation of three companies, fitting NGV system on NAZA RIA in Gurun, Kedah.

System: EngineTech, Korea
ECU: DNGV, Korea
Injector: HanaTech, Korea.
Reducer: OMVL REG CNG reducer, Italy

Firstly, the workmanship is par above excellent. It has the look, design and feel of an OEM-fit NGV system. The wiring harness are made to 'Plug & Play' approach, with pre-built socket attachment. Only 3 wires are attached to the original RIA ECU, based on 3C method (cut, connect & cliplock). The 3 signal wires are connected inside the vehicle at the original ECU level. The main cable loom is insulated with PVC tubing.

Secondly, there are 3 OEM-design brackets using 'Plug & Play' approach, where the brackets attached to existing screws. There is no need for drilling onto the vehicle body. The first bracket is for the OMVL Reducer, another for Gas Refilling in the engine compartment and 3rd bracket for the Injector Rail.

Thirdly, the GAS ECU is placed inside the car. It is located under the steering column (driver side). It is firmly attached into place with another bracket.

Fourth, the Switchover unit is installed on the DASHBOARD and fit nicely next to the hazard light button.

Fifth, the cylinder is a 70L (ENK, Korea) and covered with a factory-design carpet cover.

Finally, the EngineTech software is the most impressive part. We were given the opportunity to tune a NAZA RIA-EngineTech NGV, by Tactical Force request. Here is what we have noticed:

Base Setting - setting the vehicle for meter reading(LED indicator), Petrol2Gas changeover parameters, Injector Change Tester, and RPM signal reading. The best part is an Engine LOAD Correction adjustment.

O2 Setting - setting to establish the correct reading for rich/lean mixture according to the correct voltage produced by the Oxygen (Lambda) sensor. There is also another O2 Feedback Correctio adjustment.

Acceleration Setting - setting to establish the right acceleration response. This is the most useful tool as we used it to correct the time delay on gas injector (due to the long length of the injector piping to the intake manifold). This brought about an immediate acceleration response on NGV. The RIA just take-off upon pedal acceleration without delay. And we had 4 adult-males in the car too.

MAP setting - setting to establish the correct air-fuel mixture at each RPM speed. This was pretty standard in all software.

Auto-Calibration - to auto-tune the gas system to the car. We did not use this function as the GAS ECU is factory-programmed. However so, our RIA had some problems at 2,000-3,000 rpm range and injecting too much gas into the engine. Thus, we did manual tuning instead.

Hardware Setting - setting to establish the correction response to voltage signal on reducer temperature, gas pressure and gas temperature.

Real Time Data Display - an overall of the system in a single page display of real time data.

In conclusion, This is the CORRECT NGV system for NAZA Ria. The Naza RIA owner (Mr Richard - 1st batch No.35 NAZA RIA NGV delivered) was complaining that it was underpowered and high gas consumption. It was diagnosed that 2,000 - 3,000rpm range, the car was running too rich in gas. Thus, we recalibrated it lower and readjusted the Acceleration response. After tuning for 20 minutes, the owners was getting worried with his car. He was trying to control his new NAZA RIA as it was very powerful.

Before, he was pressing down the pedal to the maximum.
After, he was lightly pressing down only.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Next KL International Motorshow set for 2010

July 22, 2009 at 9:38 am by Paul Tan · Filed under Cars, Local News

KLIMS 2010

The MAA have announced that the Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show will be held in December next year - between the 3rd and 12th December 2010 to be exact.

KLIMS10’s motto will be “We CARE”, and CARE is supposed to stand for Commitment, Advancement, Reliability and Environment. The KLIMS organising committee says the show will take up 30,000 square meters of space at the PWTC and expects to attract over 200 exhibitors and over 330,000 visitors.

That’s a long time to wait. See you at KLIMS next year then!

Goodyear Duraplus lasts up to 100,000km?

July 22, 2009 at 5:10 am by Paul Tan · Filed under Cars, Local News

Goodyear DuraplusThe new Goodyear DuraPlus was launched recenlty in Malaysia and the company claims it is able to achieve mileage as much as 100,000km. That sounds like really good news for the budget-conscious consumer who just want to buy something, fit it on and forget about it for the next few years.

The 100,000km figure was obtained during Goodyear’s tests on company tracks in France and Luxembourg, as well as open roads in Thailand. According to Goodyear, 100,000km is a good estimate and the tyres actually lasted even longer during the tests. The tests were conducted using 185/65R14 tyres.

The key behind the durability of the DuraPlus is what they call TredLife Technology, which actually consists of a few key design features that enables the tyre to last longer. A wide face cavity leads to increased footprint and more wearable rubber in contact with the road. A higher land to sea ratio tread depth allows for more wearable rubber.

DuraPLUS Tire (3-4 view)
DuraPLUS Tire (front view)
DuraPLUS Tire (side view)

Click thumbnails above for enlarged images

The tyre also uses a carbon-based tread compound so the tire has a higher resistance to frictional wear, contributing to the tire’s long tread life and also increased mileage due to the lower rolling resistence. A new carcass design incorporating a stronger fabric that provides less resistance to tire rotation, leading to improved fuel efficiency. The tread pattern is assymetric, placing more rubber on the outside shoulder of the tire, resulting in increased grip during cornering.

11 sizes are available in Malaysia, for 13 inch to 15 inch wheels. The Duraplus replaces the Goodyear GT3 in the Malaysian line-up.

Goodyear Tyre Sizes

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Warning System For Naza Ria

From all the feed back from Naza Ria Family Club, workshop, Kia Service Centre and many Ria owner, they have the same worry.
Once the engine overheat, it will cost them Rm12,000 for "short engine
" replacement. Is like carry a "time bomb" in our MPV

For normal japanese car, if the engine overheat, they only need to replace their gasket and skim the engine head but for Naza Ria, the whole engine will bend and if you lucky, you only need to replace the piston liner(that also few thousand).

The reason for overheating is,

1. Broken plastic "T" pipe (can be replace by metal "T")
2. Leaking rediator hose
3. Electric fan break down
4. Thermal valve jam

Overheating will happen in less than a minutes if any of above happen.
We did't look at the water temp all the time when we drive. What can we do?

We need a warning system for our Ria. 2 days ago, I install a after market "Racing water tempurature meter" and this meter do comes with warning buzzer and light. You can set the maximum temp by yourself. I set the max temp to 95 degree and if the water temp go beyound this, the buzzer will sound together with the warning light so I can can stop my car as soon as possible and prevent expensive damage to the engine.

With this modification, I can drive the car without any worry.
For those owner that have the same worry as I do, you can do the same. The price of the meter(comes with sensor) is Rm280 + hose adaptor RM38 and labour RM30. Total Rm348.

Naza Ria MPV proves a hit with hundreds, NEW STRAITS TIMES-MANAGEMENT TIMES.

COPYRIGHT 2003 FDCH e-media

Original Source: Emerging Markets Datafile

KUALA LUMPUR, Thurs. - Hundreds of people flocked to Naza showrooms in Petaling Jaya and Kampung Baru to check out the new Naza Ria V6 multi- purpose vehicle (MPV) yesterday.

At a branch outlet in Petaling Jaya, sales executive Mohd Yusof Mohd Ali Hanafiah said as at 4.30pm, eight bookings were made.

"We are expecting more bookings as the response so far has been great."

He added that there have been hundreds of enquiries since the showroom opened at 9am.

Priced at RM98,888, it is one of the more affordable multipurpose vehicles on the market.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad had on Tuesday unveiled the MPV, which is Malaysia's first national MPV, produced by Naza Kia Sdn Bhd.

Copyright 2003 NEW STRAITS TIMES-MANAGEMENT TIMES all rights reserved as distributed by WorldSources, Inc.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

i-charge fuel saver Naza Ria Matrix Citra Kia Atos +all

arrow-9.gif image by best4u99-lelong-com-myHyper i-Charge^^- Multi-Purpose Voltage Stabilizer Fuel Saver

Hyper i- Charge^^-Voltage Stabilizer Fuel Saver for Petrol , Diesel ,NGV ,Gas ,CNG,LPG vehicles

Japan Advanced Technology

it is suitable for all types of vehicle,motorcycle,car,van,lorry,bus, …………

which use car battery as power supply ( 6, 12, volt battery )

Hyper i–CHARGE is a multi-purpose ( Ignition ,Audio ,Voltage) Stabilizer which is designed to maintain a stable working environment for all electronic parts and ignition system in your car, hence maintain optimum engine performance and fuel economy.

battery is not always supplies stable voltage to all electrical part in your car. when there is a sudden accelerates, high engine load will affect other electrical part , include ignition system and air-conditional system , so affect your car performance.
With the use of our Hyper i-CHARGE, not only release stored energy in its circuit when needed, also act as a voltage stabilizer at all time when there is a voltage drop and changes due to engine load. Hence reduce engine load

with Hyper i-CHARGE will improve your car performance

It also maintains better fuel mileage with improved fuel combustion.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Extramile Fuel Saver For Naza Ria

I bought the unit and I used it and test it on my Proton Savvy. Before I installed it (I installed it by myself), it's very difficult for my savvy to 'climb' the mountain by using 2nd gear but with this fuel saver, it is not only save the fuel but also boost my Proton Savvy. Now I can use gear 2 to 'climb' the mountain smoother than ever. Thanks
Zulfikri, Ampang

Initially, like many others, I was skeptical about this so called magnetic fuel saver. Fixing was a breeze after I consulted my mechanic on the location of the fuel inlet. It took me less than 10 minutes. I was doing it slowly, too ensure it was properly fitted. I couldn't believe my self when I took my 10 year old Toyota Corolla SEG 1.6 for a test drive. The car seems to have the extra power and the engine felt smoother!! That was good enough for me and the money was well spent! I have not tested the effect on the mileage. Any way, the extra whrooom and power is good enough for me. Thank you extramile.
Ravi Muthayah, Putrajaya

I tried on my Kenari and my normal full tank gives me 400 kms but after installing Fuel Saver I could get 455 kms. That's fantastic for an already economical car.
Moses, Penang

Yesterday I had tested by installing on my Ford Ranger Turbo and the result was amazing and it's only cost me for 11 lit for 105km journey at constant speed of 90km.
Sufri, Brunei

Thanks. I'm getting 2 more fuel saver for my friend as one of my friend installed and found about 10% saving with his Naza Ria.
Lai, JB

Regarding to your product, i've already install it and have running 300km when i went back my hometown.... really magnificant product that can top up +20km/h for my car. therefore i'm easily maintain 140 - 160 km/h on pantai timur express highway. i used to be traveling at 14cts/km (before the fuel price increase), it would cost me 16.5cts/km after the price adjustment. But after installing the Fuel Saver, I'm getting about RM 0.125 / km.
Fauzi, Pahang

Sorry for the late reply. At the moment we are happy with the fuel saver. Once again Thank You.

Revi, Penang

It only costs me RM30 to travel from KL to Penang via NS highway on my 9 year old Honda Civic. Amazing device.
Ng, Penang

My friend recommended your product to me. Bought it and installed on my
Merc. Only RM50 from Penang to Baling and back. Great!
Roslan, Penang

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Naza's latest offspring

PRIME Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi recently launched Naza Kia

Sdn Bhd's second model, the Citra, which comes with a 2.0-litre engine and

priced at an affordable RM79,888 (with insurance).

According to Tan Sri S M Nasimuddin Amin, managing director of the Naza

Group of companies, the Citra took 12 months to develop. Like the Kia

Carnival-based Naza Ria, the Citra (based on the Kia Carens) is assembled

at the Naza Automotive Manufacturing plant in Gurun, Kedah.

He said the company is focusing on giving customers value for money, as

seen in standard equipment such as dual front airbags, Anti-Lock Brakes,

Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, sunroof and leather upholstery.

Unlike the 1.8-litre Carens, the Citra powertrain comprises a 1,975 cc

DOHC 16-valve four-cylinder engine and four-speed automatic transmission.

Power output is 138 ps at 6,000 rpm with 174.6 Nm of torque at 4,500 rpm.

For suspension, the Citra has MacPherson struts in front and a simple

dual-link arrangement for the free-wheeling rear wheels. Standard wheels

are 6JJx15 and come with 195/60 R15-sized tyres.

Customers have a choice of six colours, namely, black, red, grey, blue

and two different shades of silver.

Naza Ria Is Good

What things have gone wrong with the car?

No problem.

General comments?

To All Malaysian, Kia Carnival (Naza RIA),

1. There was improvement made start from year 2006 manufacture for Naza RIA.

2. NO engine overheat symptom (require to maintain with fully synthetic SAE 0W-30), this oil is design for GV6 engine. REMIND from Kia expertise.

3. Regular service (10,000KM) require for Naza RIA.

4. Air filter change (20,000KM), this will keep engine consumption efficiency.

5. Don't drive this car like a cow; this is MPV car, not a SPORT car.

6. Petrol consumption 24 cent/KM (body weight 2000kg) in town traffic.

7. Don't expect too much with buying price only RM$109K (Naza RIA).

8. I am driving Kia carnival for the past, by changing car, now RIA with me also. (Not me only have Naza RIA, my friend group also has them, and all felt HAPPY to have so comfortable MPV)

Reasonable running cost

What things have gone wrong with the car?

So far no problem happened.

General comments?

Previously, I had a Toyota Estima 3.0L, but due to my business's down turn, I had no other choice to trade it in and get a new Naza Ria (Kia Carnival). Because I've got 4 kids, I think it classifies as big family.

On first day, when I received my Ria, in my mind, I was always under estimating the capability of Korea cars, no choice; this is only my affordable MPV car for my business situation at that time for my family.

After I drove Ria for a year, I was found that the Ria as not so bad as compared to the Toyota Estima, it is very stable on the road, internal spaces are big and comfortable while seated during long distance travel. Quite reliable internal compartment accessories, and the engine power has been maintained since the first day the car was released.

Quite nice car the NAZA Ria, I was doing right to swap my Toyota Estima 3.0L for the Ria.

Pertaining to petrol consumption, it is quite reasonable by carrying Ria body weight 1998kg on the road.

Now I'm confident in Korean car design.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Facts you need to know about naza ria

Here my thoughts about Naza Ria.

It comes with style, safety, and comfort, an affordable price tag and a range of extras designed for maximum pleasure. Enhanced by smart, sophisticated lines and a luxurious roomy interior.

Take a spin and you’ll quickly find this 2.5 litre V6 people mover is no ordinary car. With a versatile layout, the NAZA Ria has the right mix of ingredients to make your driving experience a genuine pleasure.

The new NAZA Ria MPV was designed and built to exceed your every expectation. This is a people mover that promises levels of comfort you’d demand from vehicles twice its price range. It seats 7 with extreme ease.

The NAZA Ria generous interiors provide plenty of headroom and legroom. Amply proportioned seat maximize individual comfort whilst maximizing fatigue. There are height adjustable armrests on the front seats. The middle row seats offer 140mm of travel plus an innovative feature that makes entry and exiting easier for middle and rear row passengers.

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